The Incredible Facemask….

I heard a rumour that summer was just around the corner so I thought it was time to start prepping my skin to get it looking effortlessly good, not easy when I spend most of my time carrying a four month old! I look for four things when buying skin care products

1. Has to leave my skin feeling soft and great

2. Has to be easy to apply and maintain

3. Has to be cruelty free – really important!

4. Has to make me look 19 again.

Ok, so number 4 is a little tough by anyone’s standards but when I heard about ‘the incredible face mask’ from ‘May Beauty’ I knew I had to give it a go.

They bags under my eyes have been less than forgiving and we’re not talking Prada or Gucci bags, no, we are talking 5p carriers that you panic buy every time your at the checkout….in short – I look pretty damn tired.

The mask itself is black in colour and promises to remove back heads, prevent acne, remove excessive oils and dead skin cells. It extracts blackheads and pollution from your pores. All May Beauty products are cruelty free – which is great!

I was worried my white bathroom may get covered in black mask but the consistency is really thick, it’s easy to apply and it comes with a really cute brush to apply it with which I really like.

Then is the waiting game, I’m quite impatient so kept looking to see if it was ready to peel. As a child I would cover my hands in PVA glue to get the enjoyment of peeling it off again, I was excited to peel off the mask. After about 30 minutes It was ready, the peel-ability (if that’s a word) was as satisfying as I hoped. And did it make a difference to my skin? Yes. It felt incredibly clean, like when I’ve had facials in the past, a really nice new feeling!

I put a little moisturiser on my skin and it felt really nice, I in fact went make up free for the day which is unlike me! I then continued this routine for another couple of nights in the week and I could definitely notice a difference in how my skin felt. Although I probably didn’t look 19 again, it really did give my skin a youthful feel – I couldn’t stop touching it. The other half even said my skin looked good which must mean it’s good!

I can definitely recommend this product! If you fancy a try I’d love to know your results – even better you can get 30% off using coupon blakemask30 at the checkout!

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