Tips for William and Kate…… (and you!)for their impending trips to Mothercare!

Ok, so I’m pretty sure William and Kate haven’t been counting down the days until the Mothercare sale or hanging on until Tesco announce their latest ‘baby event’. In truth I doubt they have shopped at all for the new prince as everything is sent to them! For those of us who do have to slum it and go baby shopping amongst the…public….it’s overwhelming, the first time we went looking for prams it was such a minefield I went home and cried. I have brought into almost every fad so if I haven’t mentioned something chances are I own it so feel free to ask! So here’s some of my must have items and some items which have ended up in the garage, on the way to the garage or thrown against the wall in a 2am rage!

Ewan the bloody dream sheep.

Really cute and hear it works wonders on some babies, attached to the crib playing womb noises and heartbeats to comfort the baby in to a deep sleep. Jasmine looks at me like ‘I had to stay in there for 9 months don’t remind me.’ It also turns off after 20 minutes so if baby is a light sleeper it’s not ideal.

My Hummy

The item thrown at the wall in a 2am rage. Costing £50, it and attached to the crib, like Ewan playing white noise and works with a sensor if your baby makes a noise it kicks in again. I play it each night but like Ewan it doesn’t quite cut the mustard. White noise it amazing, I use it every day. It soothes baby and I have an excellent app on my phone. I put a tablet in the crib and play white noise off YouTube through the night, much cheaper and much more effective – which is good as throwing the tablet would probably dent the wall!

Play mat

Great. Sometimes our arms need a rest to its good for us and good for baby to have a stretch around. I have a couple now, one for the garden and one for the lounge.

Sophie the giraffe

Technically a glorified dog toy, but it works! Jasmine loves holding a chewing Sophie when her teeth are causing her pain! Brilliant.

Amber teething bracelet

I opted for the anklet so it couldn’t end up in her mouth, was a bit sceptical but she’s dribbling and chewing without being in too much pain!


I’m sure that the sleepyhead police will jump on me telling me I’m a bad mum for putting Jasmine in a sleepyhead in her snuz pod. My midwife recommended it to me when I was exhausted as Jasmine would not sleep on her back, only in my arms. I was awake 24/7, the sleepyhead is a breathable material hence the £120 price tag but it’s the only way she will go in her crib. She went from sleeping 2 minutes in there to two hours.


As I’m breastfeeding I only use bottles when I express and am finding it’s easier to sterilise them in the microwave. Same as the fancy bottle heater, much easier to pop boiling water in a bowl or jug as popping them in there!

Nappy Disposal system

Really love this item saves going to the bin 10 times a day and doesn’t smell at all!


Baby looks cute in it but not sure she’s impressed wedged in to a plastic chair. Instead get a washing basket full of sensory toys, scarves, flashing lights and a cushion to prop her up, costs a fraction of the price and she has more fun!

Snuggle bath

A bath she can sit up in and the foam grips her back to stop her slipping, she loves it!

I could go on as I’ve got it all! My pram is an oyster 2 and ace, my car seat a maxi cosy and although it’s a little heavy in hindsight it’s a good make. I was adamant I wouldn’t buy/use anything second hand but now I’d recommend it* especially as some items are trial and error! *apart from a car seat, that needs to be new as it’s important to know it’s not been in a crash as it may not be fit for purpose.

The most important item to have is a camera!! Take lots of pictures as you’ll only have one chance to catch them so small, each day they’ll be the little bit older.

Seriously, I love trying new items and feel like I have so much now I could have a degree in baby products! Let me know any other items I need to have in my life…..

7 thoughts on “Tips for William and Kate…… (and you!)for their impending trips to Mothercare!”

  1. So many of these I’d also recommend too and we have used loads with both of our children! Any product that makes those early days with a baby easier is a winner with me 🙂

  2. Good tips for new parents! I love my Tommy tippee sterilizer. It’s worked great with both my babies. Nappy bags…There a must! Oh and a play jumperoo!! He loves it and keeps him contained once their on the move! 🙂

  3. I remember our first trip to Mothercare. We walked in, freaked out and then left with some bottles. We bought Ewan the dream sheep with my second and didn’t get much use out of in the end. I loved the Fisher Price playgym through, that was used every day with both of mine!

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