So is Disney really the happiest place on earth?

Yes. End of article.

Ok, ok I’ll elaborate. I’ve been fortunate enough to go to three of the six Disney parks in the world. I just need to tick off Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo – then I’ll have completed them all! (I could also visit the resort in Hawaii to make sure I really have completed all angles!)

My name is Marie and I’m a Disney-holic. If it’s wrong for a 31 year old to cry when they see the castle, then I don’t wanna be right! Often, Disney is a once in a lifetime holiday so it’s important to get it right and save as much money as possible. Also the correct name of the park is important. In California and Paris its Disneyland and is Florida its Disney world!

Let’s start with Disneyland in California. I went here in 2016 and only had one day to spend here. It has a charm about is as the only park which Walt himself walked around, his apartment was and still is, above the fire station on Main Street. There is a lamp in the window which used to be on when Walt was staying there. After his death it remained off unless one of his daughters were in the park, then it would be lit as a mark of respect. All these small touches are lovely. There are two parks in California – The Magic Kingdom and California Adventure Park. There’s some great rides including all the classics (it’s a small world, peter pans flight, space mountain) but also some different ones. However, it was rammed, it was not school holidays or public holidays, just could barely move and queues were two hours minimum. I’m assuming as it’s smaller than Florida it seems so busy. I liked it but wouldn’t rush back.

Disneyland Paris – I love the fact I can get on a train to Disney. Ok, so it has to go under the sea but still such an easy journey and the Eurostar drops you IN the Disney bubble. So for convenience it’s amazing. Although you can drive through the channel tunnel, fly or get a boat. It’s pretty easy! Plus you can just go for a couple of nights. I think it’s s great place to get some Disney magic.

It has all the classic rides and some great places to eat! I’ve stayed off site and on site and would definitely recommend a Disney hotel on site as it’s really lovely to be able to walk everywhere especially after getting off the Eurostar inside Disney. I’m looking forward to staying at the ‘Disney Hotel’ when we take Jasmine for her first trip in November.

Disney World in Florida is huge! I read somewhere that the car park alone is bigger than Alton Towers. The four main parks are Magic Kingdom – all the classic Disney charm. Animal kingdom- home to ‘Pandora’ based on Avatar and where you can go on a safari and see the animals over the vast land.

Epcot – There is the ‘world showcase’ here are replicas of different countries around the world, great to try different snacks and drinks from each country! Hollywood Studios – home to the tower of terror and old style Hollywood theme, this will, next year be the home of Star Wars land and VERY busy! When Pandora opened last year there was a 7 hour wait to simply get in to the park, plus another five hours to get on a ride there!

It really is a holiday of a lifetime and the bonuses of staying on Disney property is receiving three fast passes a day, extra magic hours, magic bands and if you book for next year at the moment you will receive free dining for your stay!

I have already planned two of the three Disney parks for this year and next as Jasmine will be under two and her travel, stay and tickets are free! Need to make the most of that! She is even named after two Disney Characters. I can’t wait to make some great memories with her. I plan to blog about my new Disney experiences with a child in tow.

Have you ever been to the Disney parks? I’d love to hear any stories !

9 thoughts on “So is Disney really the happiest place on earth?”

  1. I’ve never been and we always promised our eldest we’d go to Florida when she was 10, then moved it to 12. Now I’m thinking I’d rather have an amazing holiday somewhere else so might try and fob them off with Disneyland Paris!

  2. I’ve been to Disney in Florida twice and California once. I love Disney and it’s defo a dream to take the boys to Florida one day when they are both a bit older. It’s just magical – even when I went there as an adult!

  3. Disney really does look like the most amazing place for a holiday. I went to the Paris one when I was younger and it was amazing. We are hoping to take my daughter when she gets a bit older!

  4. I’ve never been, my sister has gone to the one in Paris and only had great things to say about it. I love Disney as well (my daughters middle name is Belle!) we have a tripped planned for the future when the kids are older. Pinned this as well ??

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