Oh hello summer….! Dressing your baby for the right temperature.

‘I’m going to be such a chilled out mum, I’m not going to get over protective and stupid over every tiny little thing when the baby comes’ these were the words I actually uttered five short months ago….flash forward to present day….May 8th – hottest day of the year, like ever….. ‘That’s it!!! We’re all sleeping outside!!!’ I announce in a dramatic panic as my Gro egg (bedroom thermometer) reads 30c with a very sad face next to it! Optimum temperature for a baby’s room is 18c and I was way over!! I contemplated putting ice packs in the bedroom to make a cooler environment/igloo but my other half calmly turned the oscillating fan on instead.

After a few minutes the temperature was 26c….. so I reverted to my old friend google and put her in a little vest to bed. It was still hot, she felt hot, was she getting the fan? As I felt her, she was, a I then began to panic that she would get too cold with the fan and freeze…. (there’s no real rational here!)

As I watched the egg go down in temperature through the night I consulted google and decided she was now too cold in just a vest so put her 1 tog Gro bag on! I continued to watched the egg in the night as it went down in temperature, getting happier and also, after yet more googling, I put a little summer romper over her vest and under her sleeping bag…..and ordered a new 0.5 tog Gro bag at 3am! Will this anxiety ever leave me?! I’ve attached the link from the Gro company of the guidance of what to dress baby in at bedtime if anyone is a anxious (nuts) as me! They are recommended by the lullaby trust, a charity which aids the prevention of Sudden Infant death syndrome (SIDS) please check it out, especially mums to be! http://gro.co.uk/what-to-wear/

12 thoughts on “Oh hello summer….! Dressing your baby for the right temperature.”

  1. I can relate all too well to this post! Every night I’m worry my little daughter will be too hot/ too cold. In fact, at this exact moment she’ll bundled up and I still have a little heater running to make sure she’s not cold lol. Ohhh motherhood can definitely test our sanity. Thanks for sharing and helping me realize I’m not the only one who does this!

  2. Oh bless, I bet your anxiety is rocketing through the roof, but babies are survivors, and a lot stronger than we think. You’ll find your rhythm, and your baby’s – you are a fab mum. All the best on this new journey. X

  3. Oh I always used to stress so much about this with my first, it was a nightmare trying to dress him for bed and keep his room the right temperature. Got bags are amazing though and I would recommend them to everyone xx

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