Pink or Blue? How to tell the gender of your unborn baby….

Listening to my babies heartbeat for the first time, my mind was full of questions… does it sound like galloping horses or a train? Is it over 140 beats per minute? Apparently if it’s over 140bpm it’s more likely a girl and under it’s more likely a boy….. the heartbeat was showing 147bpm ‘does that mean it’s a girl? I asked my midwife. ‘No, I think that’s an old wives tale, the heartbeat is strong I think it’s a boy’. And just like that I was convinced I was having a baby boy.

I started posting my 12 week scan picture to Facebook groups which look at nub or skull theory. It came back with mixed opinions. But you never know really until the scan and I had booked an early gender scan at Window to the Womb because I’m so impatient. When you’re pregnant not only do people think it’s fair game to randomly touch you (well your belly anyway) in any other scenario this would be wholly unacceptable but if you’re pregnant their little fingers just can’t resist. It’s infuriating, as are comments about the size of your bump.

Mine went from ‘are you sure you’re actually pregnant?’ Let me think ‘I’m not sure ‘sue from accounts’ whom I’ve spoken to once, maybe I’ve just eaten too much pasta lately’. Then towards the end ‘wow you’re massive, I mean really massive, is it twins in there?’ Just try to refrain from having too much to say about my ever changing figure that is carrying a small person. There’s that awkward point in the middle where only the brave ask if you’re pregnant…. I went for dinner at the Ivy at 6 months pregnant and the waiter, embarrassed asked ‘I don’t like to assume but would you like a pillow for your back’. Tempted to be horrified at his assumption, I confirmed I was ‘with-child’ and they didn’t stop fussing over me, I loved it!

What people really love though, is to guess the sex of the baby…myself included on this one. It’s pretty annoying but we just can’t help ourselves.

Here are some ways to allegedly tell the sex of your baby and how true they were for me….

1. Myth – Sickness…if you experience morning sickness it’s a girl, if you feel fine during pregnancy it’s a boy and if you have the dreaded hyperemisis then it’s a demon.

I fell in to the latter category as previously mentioned in my blog.

2. Myth- Cravings – if they’re salty/savoury it’s a boy, if they’re sweet it’s a girl.

I’m normally a savoury girl but I became all about the sweets, cream cakes, iced tea….I couldn’t get enough!

3. Myth – Chinese gender predictor, you look at the chart and it will tell you calculating your age and month you fell pregnant whether it’s a boy of girl.

I mean, there’s a 50/50 chance here but it was right for me!

4. Myth – Weeing in baking soda. If it fizzes it’s a girl if it doesn’t it’s a boy.

I never tried this because well, it’s weird!

5. Myth – Carrying out front its a boy but all the way around it’s a girl.

People love guessing this one. Despite my five scans confirming I was having a girl, some people were still convinced the five scans were wrong as my bump was out front, although to me I was carrying a lot on my hips.

6. Myth – Salt test

If someone sprinkles salt in your hair whilst you sleep and when you wake up and say a name, if it’s a boy you’ll have a boy and a girl, a girl.

I, of course did not try this as it’s ridiculous, the only name I’d be shouting out is to the person who had just sprinkled bloody salt on my head, and trust me it wouldn’t be a nice one!

I pride myself on being pretty good at telling from the scan pictures! Have you ever tried any of these? Or have you or anyone you know been told the wrong gender at a scan?

10 thoughts on “Pink or Blue? How to tell the gender of your unborn baby….”

  1. I love reading all these different predictions and myths about a babies gender – I wonder how many people get it right based on these superstitions. Good luck with the birth, whatever the sex might be!

  2. Oh people love to guess a gender! I found out both times. I was worried it was wrong the first time because the scan wasn’t 100% clear but I was convinced she was a girl anyway… And sure enough a girl so all good there. Then the second scan was so clear there was no mistaking the lack of anything between the legs. Then with a second girl on the way people LOVED to tell me how hard girls are and that boys are sooooo much easier. Yep. Thanks for that!

  3. These always make me laugh, it’s quite fun to try and guess while you’re pregnant I think, not sure how much truth there is! Although a few were right for me, but as you said it’s a 50/50 chance!

  4. Some of these are so crazy!! Sprinkling salt in your hair?! I had 2 boys, I wasn’t sick with either and only carried on my belly, even at 40 weeks I didn’t look pregnant from behind. I guess they are all just old wives tales thoughxx

  5. I must admit I never listened to any predictions, simply because I knew from 11 weeks what I was having. We had a blood test done which confirmed our baby’s sex so we’re spared the guessing game.

  6. I have always wondered how they can tell from a Ultra-sound scan. I have known the blood tests were the only sure way. I never experienced this, so just seeing this, makes me more intrigued.

    John M

  7. I had a ton of people do the same when trying to predict what I was having. I didn’t bother with any of those because I knew I was having a boy the first time. The second time I was unsure because most of the time I was too sick to think about it. I relied on the scans and the scans were right. Both times. Two boys later and done having kids but I don’t believe in those superstitions. However, it’s fun to watch people try to guess lol

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