Baby’s day out! Our day out at Farmer Palmers in Dorset.

I’m always keen for Jasmine to have as many days out and fun experiences as possible, Yes, she’s only 6 months old, I know people are often hesitant to take their babies for days out, but I find she really does enjoy days out as much as we do! Of course seeing her face makes it worth while. This week we took a trip to Farmer Palmers in Dorset, I wasn’t sure if it may be a little too old for Jasmine but I couldn’t have been more wrong. She was engaged throughout our whole time there.

Farmer Palmers is an award winning family attraction in Poole, Dorset. Yes, it’s a farm but so much more that that too. As we arrived we went straight to the barn to see the animals, it was a beautiful day and all the staff there were warm and friendly, from the reception team to the cafe to the lady handling the Guinea pigs, they clearly love what they do and this always adds to an experience.

In the barn we saw ponies, cows, goats, pigs to name but few and Jasmine was excited (ok, I was more excited) to see tiny piglets born earlier this month! There’s an area where you can hold a guinea pig, as Jasmine is particularly ‘grabby’ at the moment, I held the guinea pig ‘Blossom’ while she looked in awe and had a little stroke, who knew guinea pigs were so cute?!

She loved looking at all the animals and hearing all the different noises they make. It was a great sensory experience all round. There’s lots of safe play areas for slightly older children too, they can drive their own smaller scale tractors or play on the slides amongst hay. There’s also a lovely play area which is ‘farm themed’. Jasmine loved playing on the big xylophone making lots of noise!!

There’s also a giant bouncy castle, go carts to play on and tractor rides which are very bumpy and lots of fun!! It’s lovely how much outdoor seating there is, so many picnic benches, you could sit and have a picnic or there’s an indoor cafe with reasonably priced food and drink – there’s also an indoor soft play area inside plus a ‘party room’. I would have loved to have a birthday party here when I was little!

Since becoming a mum, I’m always looking for places to feed/change Jasmine. There’s plenty of baby changing facilities, with a separate room for changing and changing tables in all the toilets. There’s also lots of places to feed her, I also saw a sign saying they are ‘breastfeeding friendly’ and would find a quiet space if needed if you ask a member of the team.

We then looked at the animals outside, Jasmine really liked the noisy sheep and the fluffy chickens. There were also more piglets which were so very cute. At this point she started to get tired so we popped her in her pram and decided to do the ‘woodland walk’. It was perfect for nap time – shaded and cool. Took about 20 minutes to walk though and it was lovely. Very relaxing by the stream and leafy surroundings, plus a few treats to play on for those little ones who still have energy to burn!

Once she was awake again we fed the lambs, she sat in the front row on Daddy’s lap, staff make sure the bottle is passed along so everyone get a turn feeding them. Jasmine even got a bonus foot lick from a lamb on his way out, which made her giggle!! There’s also a chance to do pony grooming

Not only was it a fun day out for everyone, it was really lovely visually and very well kept. I would definitely recommend a visit and if I lived closer I’d be getting a season ticket, you only need to go a few times to get your moneys worth and the kids won’t get bored of going! No matter what age your children are they can have a great time at Farmer Palmers they also have some great events coming up so make sure you’re in the know and don’t miss out on the fun things planned! Check them out on the link above!

6 thoughts on “Baby’s day out! Our day out at Farmer Palmers in Dorset.”

  1. It sounds like a great place for children and great that they have changing facilities and are breastfeeding friendly. Jasmine looks like she really enjoyed it.

  2. It’s great to get her having days out early. It all helps with their development. Looks like she really enjoyed it. The pics are adorable. The farm looks lovely. We have one similar that is local to us and my girls love it there

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