The fear factor.

As a new mum my anxiety is insane, nothing could prepare me for the worry and guilt I would feel. Jasmine was happily sleeping in her co sleeper cot last night and I read on a local page on Facebook that there was an outbreak of false widow spiders near me. In the heat the windows have been open all day, Jasmine is in just a little vest sleeping so I found myself rubbing tea tree oil around her cot at midnight as apparently it keeps them away. I was Ferrell.

The internet is a great tool for useful information, it’s also a great tool for a load of rubbish. Sadly often scaremongering new mums sending them in to panic. I’ve seen lots of stories lately and trust me, everything makes me nervous.

Here’s my predicament for example. Jasmine loves to roll now, in her sleep. She wants to sleep on her side or front I’m slowly introducing her in to her big cot but she rolls frantically and hits her head hard on the side of the cot (every time). We are warned against cot bumpers as they could suffocate the baby if they roll in to them, so do I just accept the fact I’m going to have a bruised baby forever more? If she manages to roll on her front I panic so much. I’ve read several stories about babies suffocating when sleeping on their fronts lately, so short of watching her all night long, I’m at a bit of a loss with what to do. The guidelines are great but what if your baby doesn’t want to play along?

Jasmine is currently in a ‘sleepyhead’ in a cot next to me in bed. It’s a breathable pod which makes her feel snug, stops her rolling and helps her sleep for more than 10 minutes. She doesn’t want to share my bed, I’ve safely tried that. She’s going to be too big for her bedside cot in the next couple of months. Do I just reside myself to the fact I will just have to watch her all night?! There’s millions of babies in the world someone must have all the answers…?

If you do please send them my way as the fear has truly taken over my rational!

The course of true love never did run smooth – William Shakespeare- A midsummer nights dream. Act 1 Scene 1

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  1. Before I start, I’m not a mum, im 19. However I know a lot of people forget to think about the “negatives” (for want of a better word) of having a baby, until it’s here. My mum experienced post-natal depression with myself and she explained how hard it was to express love for your baby, even though you know you love them.

  2. I remember with both babies constantly checking on them when they were too quiet to assure myself they were still breathing. Even the second time round.

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