Nuby product review! Jasmines weaning journey.

A few days after Jasmine turned six months, she was meeting all signs of readiness and trying to swipe any food that we had, so I decided it was time to introduce solids. Although up until a year, milk will still be her main source of nutrition she was keen to try solids. I decided to try baby led weaning as Jasmine wanted to feed herself, she would snatch the spoon off me if I dare tried to feed her! Nuby kindly sent some products to try with Jasmine whilst she enjoyed exploring new foods.

A 3D silicone bib

I really like this product, mainly because it’s so practical for me, it catches any food that doesn’t make it in to Jasmines mouth (and that’s more often than not). I can just tip the food out and give it a wipe and it’s done. The fastener at the back is simple to do, which is handy as since Jasmine was born I seem to do everything with one hand! It’s silicone so it sturdy but soft and I especially like the fancy jewellery pattern. They also sell adorable cowboy ones if pink and pearls isn’t your little ones style!

Grip ‘n’ sip cup

It’s been no secret that I’ve struggled getting jasmine to take a bottle as she’s been exclusively breastfed, so I thought I would try moving straight so a sippy cup. She instantly grabbed the handles and tipped it to her mouth, although it will take some practice, I was shocked she knew what to do. The spout is made of silicone which she likes. She enjoyed teaching herself how to use it and being in control. It has a no spill spout and despite it being thrown around in a changing bag it didn’t leak at all, it’s also dentist approved which is great to hear! I’d recommend this to anyone else who has been struggling to get their baby to take a bottle. Plus the designs are lovely.

Weaning spoons

These are brightly coloured with long ‘easy grip’ handles, which worked well as Jasmine was keen to take one off me and feed herself! They are also microwave and dishwasher safe. A great standard item to have in.

Catch All Bibs

I really like these, again they are easy to wipe and cover a bigger area than traditional little bibs do! They do what they say and catch all those bits which normally drop everywhere (much to the disappointment of the dogs). I’ve also taken to hosing down Jasmines chair after mealtimes (Yes, it really does get that messy). So I can give these a blast at the same time as they are waterproof. I LOVE the unicorn and hearts design, they also do a blue boats and fishes design.

Chewy Charms

This was my personal favourite item. We all know the struggle of babies teething, they can never seem to take the edge of the pain despite the different aids out there. This was different to any other teething ring I have tried with her, as it’s silicone and soft but hard enough to rub those gums it seemed to give her instant relief. It also didn’t hurt if she hit herself with it. I also like to pop it in the fridge to cool it down and give it to her to sooth those gums. I’d really recommend this for all those mums who are victims of those pesky teeth coming through!

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Disclaimer * I received these items in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh it seems so long ago that Kipper was weaning… sob sob! But we had a sippy cup very similar and it was a life saver. We still a catch all bib despite Kipper being 26 months, they are so handy. Look forward to reading about your journey x

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