‘I’m bored!’ 35 low budget/free activities to do with your little ones during the summer holidays.

It’s only just a few days into the school holidays and the ‘I’m bored’ moans have probably started! There are many expensive days out for children, but what about the inexpensive days of fun. Below is a list of things I have done below as a child or with the children I’ve taught over the last 14 years.

1. Crabbing – crab lines are so cheap now, pop a bit of bacon on the end and off you go! Lots of fun, could spend hours doing it. (Obviously put the crabs back after)

2. Beach – build sandcastles, peruse arcades, walk along the pier, play games.

3. Teddy bears picnic – pick a favourite teddy, a blanket and packed lunch and go to a park for a teddy bears picnic. (Or in the garden)


4. Collecting shells or stones wash and paint them.

5. Save some old boxes, get cushions, throws, spare sheets, build a fort! Eat, drink, watch tv, nap in fort.

6. Turn living room in to cinema, have popcorn – they can even be crafty and make tickets.


7. Go on a bear hunt! Read the story first to get excited. Then go to the woods, find things beginning with a letter.

8. Create a super hero, using crafts and binliners for capes!

9. Blackberry picking, bake them in muffins or a pie! In fact bake anything.

10. Talent show, make sure they practise their acts!

11. Pick and Clean up old toys and sell them at a carboot or garage sale outside.

12. Make a garden in an old shoe box, use soil, little tubs for ponds and little flowers all from the garden.

13. Go pond dipping


14. Make a vegetable patch

15. Walk dogs offer to walk neighbours dogs.

16. Make a scrapbook stick in things.

17. Do a treasure hunt/scavenger hunt.

18. Water fight, water balloons, water pistols.


19. Tidy rooms, cleanest room wins a prize!

20. Go to a museum before they shut last hour is normally a pound or two.

21. Tie dye some plain t shirts that are no longer worn.

22. Pitch a tent or make a tent in the garden and read, play, draw in it.

23. Have a bonfire, toast marshmallows and make toasties


24. Make your own pizzas

25. Go on a pretend plane journey, they pick destination, use airplane sounds on you tube and serve snacks drinks for the flight ask them what they can see out the window, they can watch inflight entertainment and USE THEIR IMAGINATIONS.

26. Go golf ball hunting in the evening, golf courses that are near woods open to the public and parks when balls go astray, go and find them!

27. Keep a diary about their summer.

28. Go for a bike ride


29. Make a radio show

30. Make puppets, can put on a show if they like!

31. Geo cashing – this you need the geo cashing app. There’s secret things hidden in trees, buses everywhere, only using the app will you find them. Then there’s an object in there, swap with an object you take with you, sign the list and off you go!

32. Hold a sports day


33. Christmas in summer! Play Christmas songs, have a roast dinner, make Christmas cards and make each other presents!

34. Do a keep fit class in the mornings take turns at running it!

35. Make a magazine (can use cut outs from newspapers and magazines)

****In any messy situation play a game of who tidies up quickest wins a prize could be just a chocolate bar or an extra half hour to stay up before bed! ****

What do you do in the school holidays?

12 thoughts on “‘I’m bored!’ 35 low budget/free activities to do with your little ones during the summer holidays.”

  1. I don’t have kids myself but I know a lot of people who do so will share this 🙂 really cool and simple ideas! Just in time for the school holidays. Love it!

  2. Great list of ideas! Only two weeks into the summer holidays and I’m definitely in need of some activity inspiration. Not sure about Christmas in the summer though – the very thought of a roast turkey dinner right now is bringing me out in a sweat!

  3. These are some lovely ideas to keep the holidays ticking by. We aren’t making a vegetable patch this year but we going to make a flower patch at the weekend! My two just love flowers so we’ll be building the raised bed from scratch and they can help plant seeds for next year.

  4. Great ideas! We always need fresh ideas alongside our own bucket list. We had a homemade cinema afternoon yesterday and we’ve just brought new bikes so we are planning to riding them alot 🙂

  5. My wife had been trying to get something organised for going to the beach and keeping our daughter on her toes and boredom free. For the next few weeks, we have a lot of things planned and we can’t wait. I am not going share, as the wife would kill me. lol

    John M

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