Pleasurewood Hills review

If you have grown up in East Anglia chances are you would have been to Pleasurewood Hills. I was told about the new sensory room and play area for babies so I was keen to take Jasmine to see if she would enjoy it, at 7 months old it may have all gone over her head.

First stop was a parrot show. I felt ‘mum fear’ wash over me, will it be too long? Will Jasmine kick off? She absolutely loved it, she sat on my lap and was engaged in the show throughout, no wiggling or getting bored. She LOVED it.

We were surprised how much she enjoyed it, such a highlight. As well as the parrots she also enjoyed the Mayan themed high dive stunt show, which is very impressive and full of energy.

She enjoyed the Safari ride in little cars around the track, the train around the park, the carousel and the rootin’ tootin’ target trail, in which you go around in the dark in a mine cart shooting targets, she was mesmerised by all the colours.

We then went to Woody’s cub house which is for little children. There’s soft plays and a sensory room, which is a dark padded room with bright lights, shapes and pattern which Jasmine really loved. I’d really recommend taking a baby to Pleasurewood Hills as there is a lot for them to do and enjoy.

For older children there’s a handful of thrill rides too. Wipeout, The Jolly Roger, Fireball and Timber Falls. So there really is plenty of fun to be had for everyone!

*Disclaimer – we received entry to Pleasurewood Hills in exchange for an honest review.

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