Send Mary Poppins…..and wine!

I’ve said it before, social media is a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand is lovely to connect with people and promote my blog. On the other hand I see them…everywhere….celebrity mums. As a first time mum I compare myself to them, with their beautifully immaculate hair, not a ‘mum bun’ in sight! I haven’t manage to wash mine in days. Not only do they have the luxury of wearing lovely make up and having it applied by personal make up artists – they then also have the time to try and flog it to me.

Me, who used to be physically unable to leave the house without liquid eye liner, now I never wear make up. Sometimes I’ll whack a bit of mascara on when I leave the house to look less like an unborn baby. It doesn’t help that I haven’t slept longer than 90 minutes at a time since December last year, the bags under my eyes are practically suitcases now. Plus I look like someone ten years older than me.

Always wearing the same clothes, for example today I wore the classic mum uniform of leggings and a stripy top, usually smeared with some kind of food Jasmine has kindly wiped on me.

I gaze in awe at the celebrity mums with their stylists, personal trainers, make up artists and hairdressers. They look incredible and I look like I’ve just crawled out from under a bridge.

I tend to avoid mirrors these days, I don’t want to look at the disaster staring back. Their nannies making their children incredible food offering the recipe, I definitely don’t have time to cook from a recipe, where’s my Mary Poppins?

Eva Longoria looks like a Greek goddess when breastfeeding. I spent each Feed encouraging Jasmine not to pull my hair, face or eyeball out of socket. I encourage her to feed and not bite whilst I encourage the dogs not to lick her head!

Oh and the nights out they have…at least twice a week I live vicariously through their social media, looking amazing, enjoying their nights out. Am I the only one who wonders where their baby is? I’ve been out twice for dinner in the last 8 months, So is celebrity parenting a helpful insight in to motherhood, or a dangerous comparison for those of us who simply manage to have a shower and keep the baby alive each day? I can’t help but compare myself and wonder why they are doing a much better job than me? Is it simply all the extra help?

I wonder how many others are tough on themselves when they see these accounts….it’s important to make time for self care… so long as Jasmine isn’t hungry, thirsty, bored…awake!!

She is worth it though, of course, that goes without saying. To all the other mums out there who feel like a toad, I see you. We got this. Ribbit.

9 thoughts on “Send Mary Poppins…..and wine!”

  1. It’s true – seeing the celebrities looking so flawless only days after giving birth can give us an unrealistic idea of what it will be like. But it’s important to remember that they probably have a team of people behind the scenes and if we had that too then perhaps there would be less milk/sick stains, unbrushed hair and eye bags that go one forever! 🙂

  2. It’s interesting to see how different celebs lives are from ours isn’t it. I never look glamorous now then again I’ve got 3 children, save me!!! I think we should go for a night out although we’d be home early as we’d both be tired lol, Just to add my hair needs a wash and colour first!!!!

  3. Even celebrities have times when they have no make up on and a brush hasn’t touched their hair that day, its life with a baby (turns out my life in general haha). You’re doing great, where’s that glass of wine?!

  4. Lol you brought me right back to the baby days. It’s such a prescious time, but serious hard work without sleep. Those poor celebrities who are expected to be seen so soon after having their babies – whilst on one hand imagine having nannies and make up artists- but on the other urggg the thought of HAVING to be photographed a few weeks post baby. Nope! Lol. X

  5. You look amazing! But yes I totally get what you mean about celebrities. I generally just brush it off and think a lot of them have cleaners, nannies, people to do their hair and make up etc. Having a baby is tiring right? You’re doing great x x

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