A cake delivery through your letterbox – with bakerdays

Sometimes we want something a little bit different to send to friends and family and I think bakerdays have hit the nail on the head. When I was asked to try out their ‘letterbox’ cakes I wondered why they had a fancy name like letterbox cake, until I realised they fit through your letterbox.

Small and thin enough to post in lots of packaging and a gorgeous tin, a really unique idea for someone’s birthday or any other reason. I chose to have one for Jasmines christening and opted for a gluten free cake to cater for those potential guests who need this. It arrived promptly through the post on Thursday, the packaging was lovely – a thick, shiny tin with a ‘just for you’ message on it and miniature card. I thought it was cute, quirky and couldn’t wait to get inside.

The cake didn’t disappoint, it was pink, bright and had a clear picture of Jasmine on the icing. I was impressed with how well the print came out. The christening wasn’t until the Sunday so I did wonder if it would dry out a bit in that time but bakerdays had assured me it was good for a fair few days.

When Sunday came the picture still looked great and I tasted the cake and it had a nice taste and wasn’t dry. I often expect gluten free products to be bland but this was nice and the perfect size for my two gluten free guests to enjoy, which they did.

I’d definitely recommend Letterbox cakes, especially for an occasion or just for a giggle. We’ve all got inside jokes or pictures which we find hilarious, pop them on a cake and send it through the post! They are perfect for one or two to enjoy so they can have their cake and eat it.

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