Child’s Farm product review

There are so many toiletries available for babies and children that sometimes it’s hard, especially as a first time mum, to know what to use. I was excited to try out the new range of ‘Childs Farm’ products they had kindly sent.

First of all – the bubble bath, Jasmine LOVES her baths, in a desperate bid to help her sleep I’ve added lashings of Lavender in to every bath for months. I’m almost starting to get fed up of the same smell so the Childs Farm ‘blueberry and organic mango’ was a welcome treat. It didn’t disappoint, it smelt amazing and was great at winding her down for the night. It was also nice to know that it’s made of 98% organic ingredients and not full of rubbish. The packaging is fun and bold too, for such a great product I was surprised they were available to pick up from high street stores for really affordable prices.

The body and hair wash is ‘watermelon and organic pineapple’ scent and it smells so fantastic I almost want to use it myself. Jasmine has in the past suffered with eczema so it was really nice to know that they are all for sensitive skin and would be be gentle on her. She was fresh and clean after her bath but I kept sniffing her hair for days as she smelt so good!

The moisturiser is unscented and light in consistency, it rubs in easily and glides on the skin nicely for her evening massage. I even found myself rubbing it on my hands after I’d washed them post nappy change as it’s so light and hydrating! I’d really recommend checking out Childs Farm products when you’re next in the shops. They are fun, affordable and great quality, which also gives you a piece of mind knowing your little ones skin is being looked after.

*Disclaimer – I was kindly send Child’s farm products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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