My little mermaid – Jasmine starts swimming lessons.

Last week, at the grand old age of 8 months, Jasmine started swimming lessons. After looking around at various classes we decided that group classes were not for us and decided to opt for one to one lessons with Jumping Jack Splash based in Norwich, Norfolk.

Not only do I think it’s important that Jasmine can swim growing up, I also think that swimming lessons can encourage all kinds of other life skills. For example – confidence both in and out of the water, listening skills, motor skills and it also helps to build those muscles, especially at the age she is where she wants to be on the move – it definitely helps build her strength.

She really enjoys new environments and activities, learning her surrounding and working on her social skills with her new teacher Jack – a fully qualified swimming instructor.

What I like about one to one sessions is that they go at her pace. If she’s full of energy one session that can be used to enhance the class. Equally, if she’s not feeling it and a bit crabby that day it can be adapted to her.

Jasmine loves being sung to (having musical parents I think has something to do with that) so she enjoys the swimming exercises to different nursery rhymes. The classes are very fun for babies and children. Splashing Daddy is definitely her favourite thing to do! Now we just need to get swimming lessons for him!

9 thoughts on “My little mermaid – Jasmine starts swimming lessons.”

  1. Jasmine looks like she’s having a marvellous time! I love how comfortable babies often are in the water – it must be an amazing sensation for them at that age when, on land, they have to struggle to balance and move. She looks like she’ll be doing a front crawl in no time at all!

  2. All four of mine had swimming lessons from an early age and as you said, it builds their strength and it also ensures they’re not scared of jumping in, and therefore safer. No panic = more skills to reach the side.

  3. Looks like Jasmine really enjoyed her first lesson, I agree that lessons from an early age are important to lots of reasons. For me, I liked that the lessons taught my daughter how to reach out and hold onto the edge if she ever fell into water.

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