Babease – food for babies, not baby food.

Most of the time Jasmine will eat what we do, but that’s not always possible so I like to have a little stash of pouches for if we are on the move or if we decide to have a takeaway – which I don’t want Jasmine to have. As we are doing ‘baby led weaning’ Jasmine demands to feed herself which is fine, messy, but fine!

I always taste her food before she does, someone was once horrified when I tasted one of her pouches before I gave it to her, but I’d never be prepared to give her something I wasn’t prepared to eat myself. Babease kindly sent us some of their pouches to try and they are real recipes with real, organic ingredients. At Babease they believe in introducing amazing tastes and textures at an early age as it’s the best way to raise healthy and adventurous eaters.

As always, I gave them a taste myself and it was really nice, all the ingredients complemented each other and there were herbs and spices added to make them taste extra special. Jasmine enjoyed trying all the flavours, her favourite was Thai green curry.

I love the smaller pouches which are ‘full of veg’ I sometime will give her some if she hasn’t had any vegetables in her meal. Babease pouches are also gluten and dairy free so safe for little ones who have intolerances. For those times in modern life when you need a quick, healthy meal for your baby without the guilt.

10 thoughts on “Babease – food for babies, not baby food.”

  1. They sound like brilliant pouches. While I usually cooked from scratch for my son there were times pouches were invaluable. I do like that the ingredients work well together and that they can be given to babies with some intolerances.

  2. We Zambia we always try the foods before we feed our children, in the UK they were horrified when they saw me do that. I like these pouches, theu look yumny and nutritious

  3. Oh thai green curry sounds amazing. I love the unique flavour selections they have!!! I’m definitely going to be getting these this time next year when we’re going through the weaning stage again.

  4. We have used this brand of baby food before, I love that the meals are so varied and different to other brands on the market. I still occasionally use pouches for my almost 2 year old because they are so handy for when you’re out and about xx

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