Messy me – Clutch bag review

It often takes ages to leave the house with the nappy bag crammed full of ‘just in case’ items – 95% of which I won’t use. I’ve been saying for a while that I need a much smaller bag to fit just wipes and nappies in. I stumbled across ‘Messy me’ they sell lots of beautiful products and they kindly sent me a ‘clutch bag’ to try out.

Made of oil cloth it’s easy to clean and the perfect size. It fits travel wipes, a couple of nappies and there’s still space for a dummy, nappy cream or my current favourite – teething gel!

I love that it’s so neat and compact, now that Jasmine is 9 months old we brought a stroller it’s it’s much easier for nipping out to the shops or holidays away as it folds so small, the new stroller has a much smaller compartment underneath, so my regular nappy bag won’t fit – so the nappy clutch is perfect!

It also has a matching changing mat because, let’s face it, public changing tables aren’t the most hygienic. They come in various patterns. I chose ‘wild rose’ as I thought it was classic, pretty and matched the buggy. I love that it has a velcro fastener as I can open and close it with one hand whilst sorting Jasmine with the other.

I’d really recommend getting a nappy clutch for all of these reasons it a perfect little gem I’d never have thought to purchase before I had Jasmine but post Jasmine it makes my day a little bit easier!

To check out the gorgeous oil cloth clutch bags and the full range of Messy me product Click here and see how they can make those messy moments easier whilst still looking fantastic.

* Disclaimer- I was given a Messy Me clutch bag in exchange for an honest review – all opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “Messy me – Clutch bag review”

  1. This is really cute. I think its also practical for dads as they can pop this inside their backpack and don’t feel too self conscious carrying around something really feminine on display.

  2. Not only this clutch bag is super stylish but also so practical ! i wish we had them when my daughter was little – i had to cram everything into a handbag then spend 10 min trying to find it all – and this clutch looks so stylish

  3. Oh wow, this is so cool. I wish I knew about it earlier but will save the idea for my next kid. I love the style and that it can hold so much and still look compact.

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