Children on the internet – a parents choice.

When you become a parent you face lots of tough decisions. Whilst pregnant I decided I wasn’t going to post any pictures of Jasmine on any of my social media platforms, fast forward to her being born and I was unable to stop myself. I was so proud and wanted to show my friends and family (most of who live away) how wonderful she was.

I completely respect those who choose not to put their children’s pictures online or who cover their faces. There are some strange people online parents have every right to be cautious. I went back and forth with my decision and decided I wanted to post Jasmines picture… do I want her to be safe? – absolutely! Are there dangerous people online? Yes. But the really sad truth is that there are dangerous people everywhere… in the supermarket, on the train, in the park…. they will ultimately see Jasmine, unless I shield her from the whole world, I can’t stop her from being seen in society no matter how much I want to protect her and I want to protect her so much, but as a parent you can only do your best teach them, protect them and love them. I have rules with posts I never put any bath time shots on or anything that could be misconstrued.

Sadly we can’t control those around us, we really can’t but we can look after our babies in this crazy world we live in. Teaching them about the good and the bad people in the world from a young age. Maybe I’ll get to a point where it no longer feels right to post her pictures but for now I’m just a proud mother with a new camera. What ever you choose to do to safe guard your children – your choice is right. As long as you’re keeping them safe then the decision is the right one, because it’s your decision.

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  1. I think you are being very sensible with your choices and who doesn’t like to show off their child?!! 🙂 But also, you are right to say it is not for everyone that is ok too. As long as we use our common sense

  2. OH I think it is really difficult. I obviously do put photos on the internet, social media, my blog etc but I have had a pretty awful incident where somebody took one of my photos (of me holding my poorly preemie son) and pretended he was his on his FB account. It was all quite disturbing and did make me think a little more about what I post.

  3. I share my childrens photos on line and I try not to think too deeply about the implications. I am sensible with the photos I share, and at 14 I respect my eldests privacy and wishes. It’s a difficult thing to decide on I think!

  4. I agree that it’s a personal decision and people should respect that. Since my son turned 4 I’ve started posting less pictures of him facing the camera and more of his head turned or his back to the camera. And if he asks me to stop posting pictures of him as he gets older I’ll happily do so.

  5. Awww I am so pleased you share her pictures, she is just so gorgeous! I have posted my kids photos but they are becoming less happy about it as they get older so share less and less nowadays x

  6. It’s such a personal decision isn’t it, my son is now 14 and I post less of him than I did before, and always check with him too. My twins who are 9 are still quite happy to have their photos shared. We are very open with discussions about social media, safety and what we share with the kids too.

  7. When I first started posting my kids photos on Facebook (and Myspace back in the day lol) I worried about this too. But then I also made my accounts private so that only my friends and family could see them. That still doesn’t protect them 100% from hackers and what-not but it made me feel safer. Then I started my blog where writing about my kids was part of the deal. I love sharing pictures of my boys but the internet can be a scary place. However, I approached it the same as you. I can’t control what others do but I can control what I post and how much. Great post!

  8. Interesting post, you’re right in saying that there are people everywhere who may be bad so it’s hard to really shield them. The best protection is to teach them about safety and social media etc.

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