The baby with 400 teeth

We’re all guilty of it. Making excuses if our babies aren’t themselves, my go to is ‘she’s teething’ I find myself explaining with an apologetic face. Truth is, if she was teething every time I used that excuse – Jasmine would have over 400 teeth by now!

This weekend was a tough one – as a parent or just for someone who needs sleep to stay alive.

It all started with ‘teething.’

Jasmine hadn’t been herself last week which I found myself blaming on the elusive teething. When it continued, I had to trust my instinct that this wasn’t teething and stop hiding behind my favourite excuse. After being soaked in her sick like a 90s foam party, we endured a LOT of washing, some more washing and cleaning! After two doctors visits my instincts were confirmed, of course it wasn’t teething – it was gastroenteritis.

Jasmine was so poorly she was just falling asleep anywhere and she slept most of the time – very unlike her! Then she was waking up with awful tummy pains and I’ve never heard screaming like it. I wanted to cry myself. I didn’t go to bed Thursday night, instead I carried her around rocking her, singing to her and trying to comfort her. Come Friday night she was still very sick, my back was in agony now. She screamed if I put her down or if anyone else held her, so I continued to carry around my extra 10kg of weight. Facing another night of not even sitting down let alone sleeping I wasn’t sure if I would collapse with exhaustion, faint or just cry.

Once I mentioned that Jasmine was unwell I had such a huge response from other mums saying their little ones were also unwell. Being a mum is so tough at times anyway, but once they get sick it’s even harder. No breaks, no sleep, no awareness. Not knowing when they’ll be better. The thankless task. Mums are amazing, never putting themselves first, just giving them unconditional love – there’s no alternative.

Jasmine is thankfully much better but I learnt a lesson – to always trust my instincts, they’re more powerful than any medical professional. Oh and I must not blame everything on teething!

Have you ever trusted your instinct and been right? I’d love to hear from you.

7 thoughts on “The baby with 400 teeth”

  1. So many babies are sick right now! My sons cousin whose 8 months has just had 2/3 days of sickness over sickness and sore bums. Poor babas. It’s awful when they’re sick. But you got this, us mums are the strongest beings on the planet,
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  2. She’s absolutely adorable. I’m guility of making these excuses, it’s definitley a mum thing. I’m so glad you found out what was wrong and I wish her a speedy recovery. Lots of cuddles for little lady x

  3. Awww so pleased she is much better poor thing. It is so hard when they are poorly. I’ve trusted my instincts twice and taken my kids into hospital after seeing a GP who I just could not believe. So pleased that I did as they both got the medical help they needed.

  4. Aw poor little poppet. I’m a strong believer in following your mum instincts. No-one knows your babies better than you. I’m glad she’s on the mend now x

  5. Oh bless her, I’m glad she is feeling a little better. It’s so awful when your children are unwell, I have been going through hell with my daughters health lately and had to really trust my instinct and demand further tests.

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