The series of events which ruined Jasmines day.

I love watching Jasmine grow and develop each day. At the ripe old age of 10 months she’s started having tantrums, arching her back, crying inconsolably and making me feel like the worst person in the world. Here’s a few terrible things I’ve done over the last few days….

1. I told her not to tip over the dogs water bowl, lick the dogs water bowl or put socks from the radiator in to the dogs bowl.

2. I changed her nappy. I told you – I’m awful like that.

3. I put her in clean clothes. Imagine trying to put a live, wriggly salmon fish in pyjamas….the salmon starts crying hysterically. Exactly.

4. I put her in her highchair to eat.

She. Goes. Crazy.

Much happier on my lap or on the floor…. this happens 3 times a day.

5. I sneezed. She didn’t like it.

6. I wasn’t Daddy and she wanted Daddy at that moment.

7. I said no to eating batteries

8. I confiscated the batteries

9. Put her on the floor to make the dogs breakfast. She wanted to watch.

10. I tied my hair back after telling her to stop pulling clumps of it out during our relaxing bedtime routine.

Now somebody pass the wine…

11 thoughts on “The series of events which ruined Jasmines day.”

  1. It’s very hard being a mum or dad but it’s realy great being a Granny or Grandad so just keep on doing your best and soaking up the stress and one day with luck you may be a Granny! Seems to me that you and Jasmine are on the way to being good matesxxx

  2. Oh no – I shouldn’t laugh but this did make me giggle. You sound like you need a hug! – so sending virtual hugs (and wine 😉). It will pass – it always does. Just try to stay up beat, keep smiling and distract her with something much more interesting xx

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