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When people told me that at 12 months old, Jasmine would be in to EVERYTHING – they weren’t lying. It’s a skill known only to tiny humans that they have the ability to destruct anything in minimal time, I’ve even had to speed up my blinks these days with the fear of what she may be in to next. So we’ve begun trying to safety proof as much as possible.

I came across safety 1st and their website is literally full of ways to make your home that bit safer when your little ones are exploring the world.

Their company values are as follows:

At Safety 1st, our number 1 priority is to provide smart ways to help children discover life safely‘. – I love this ethos, as a parent I don’t want to stop them discovering new things, but I do want to provide an environment that’s as safe as possible.

Safety 1st kindly sent me a nightlight to use in Jasmines room. It was nice to have one that doesn’t require batteries (honestly, the amount of batteries I can get through with previous nightlights..) So it plugged in to the socket and although it’s a soft light it was light enough for me to see everything I needed to, it wasn’t too bright to wake her, and most importantly she was reassured she was in her room if she stirred. The best thing is that the nightlight doesn’t get hot and it consumes very little energy.

It automatically turns off when the room gets light in the morning and switches on again when it gets dark. I’d really recommend it, especially for parents who are looking at moving their little ones in to their own room.

*Disclaimer – I was gifted a nightlight in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the automatic switch on/off function the littles can really get a lot of comfort from having something like this in their room so it sounds like a great addition.

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