Ways to Save Money as a New Mother

If you’re a new mother, you’re probably already realising that motherhood isn’t cheap or easy. You’ve had to spend money on lots of things in order to give your baby everything they need in those early weeks and months, the list seems to be never ending, there’s always an expense to pay out for until you can charge them rent or they eventually fly the nest. There are, however, lots of ways to save money and deal with the costs associated with Motherhood.

Here are examples of some of those money-saving methods

Borrow What Items You Can

Borrowing things from friends and family is usually pretty easy when you have a young child because parents often end up with things that they have no use for. That’s all down to the fact that children grow out of clothes and toys very quickly. So ask around your friends and family and see if there’s anything that people want to get rid of that might be useful to you. I was adamant that Jasmine had to have everything brand new and do you know what? She couldn’t care less if it’s brand new or second hand!

As You Buy, Don’t Forget to Sell Too

Using the same logic, your own child will gradually grow out of things. Therefore, you should try to sell on as much as that stuff as you can. Doing so will help you to make some money, which can then be used to buy any of the new stuff that you need for your child. It’s a good way to ensure you always have the money you need in order to buy the essentials for your child. Those adorable newborn outfits you couldn’t resist spending a fortune on? Wash them, iron them, sell them on!

Buy Second-Hand

Buying second-hand clothes makes sense because those children’s clothes might not have been used very much before they were sold. Therefore, the used clothes might not actually be in worse shape than the new clothes you could buy from shops. But they’ll certainly be a lot cheaper, which is a big benefit for you because you’ll save a lot of cash. I wish I did this more when buying for Jasmine, it really doesn’t matter if it’s the best brand or costs a fortune. Babies are pretty relaxed about things like that!

Find Free Samples

Not all mothers realise this, but it is actually possible to find free samples of things like baby products. These samples can be very useful when you only need a small amount of something and want to save money. You can even get free baby samples by mail, so this is something that you should definitely explore. It could end up saving you a lot of money.

Don’t Buy a Stroller Before Trying it Out

Strollers are not cheap, but they’re one of those things that you need to have when you’re a mother. The biggest mistake you can make is buying a stroller without actually trying it out and seeing if it’s going to be suitable for your needs. Head to a store where you can see and try them out. That’s always a much safer option than buying one online without first seeing it in person.

Also before you shop for one, decide what’s important to you. For me, I wanted one that fit in the car boot easily and was sturdy enough to go over any terrain as we go walking with the dogs. Always ask for help if you need it as it may well be your most expensive purchase.

As a new mother, you don’t have money to throw away. Very few new mothers ever have that luxury available to them. So make the most of the ideas above and save your money for the things that matter most when you have a new child to look after.

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