Holding a 1st birthday party? Tips and tricks!

December was a busy month. Jasmines birthday was on the 18th December and I wanted to have a ‘get together’, but so close to Christmas, I knew a lot of people would be busy so I decided to keep it fairly low key and refer to it as a ‘soirée’ rather that a party – that seemed to keep the pressure off!

Don’t panic!

Let me be honest here, babies don’t care if it’s their birthday or not. Don’t spend a fortune on something they won’t remember or really care about at the time. 1st birthdays are really just a nice way to celebrate their first year and are mainly for the parents and guests rather than the child. Don’t get me wrong, she had a lovely time, albeit overwhelming at times but she played with toys and ate party food so she was happy.

Invitation Station

I was in such a whirlwind of searching Pinterest for ‘1st birthdays’ and ordering decorations off eBay in the middle of the night, that I almost forgot to invite people! You can get invitations very cheap or you can pay lots and have white doves with tiny, pink bowties fly directly to your guests homes to deliver the invites. I went on Etsy and got some made from a small business, really reasonable and great quality- plus I could get all the information pre printed on them.

Do you really need it?

As previously mentioned I went crazy on decorations and ended up not using lots of them. Be frugal, what do you really need to add to the occasion? In hindsight a couple of balloons would have been fine for pictures and for Jasmine to play with (what child doesn’t love a balloon?) I did love the timeline with pictures of Jasmine on that I made, I also wanted to separate Christmas so I covered the tree in Birthday banners.

Let there be cake

I knew I wanted a cake made for Jasmines birthday and I haven’t attempted baking since the ‘burnt mess’ I spent 24 hours soaking off the baking tray in 2014. I asked on social media for recommendations and researched them. I found the wonderful Brunette Bakes on social media after being recommended. Her cakes looked perfect and she created the best cake ever for Jasmines first birthday and I also got some cupcakes made too (a good idea if guest may be leaving before the main cake gets cut or if you’re just worried you don’t have enough!)

Presents without presence

Save presents until guests have gone home. I wanted Jasmine to open her presents when she was relaxed after a post party nap and everyone had gone home, so she could really enjoy them. It also allowed me to make a note of who got what so I could send thank you cards in the new year. Jasmine was very lucky with her gifts and I wanted to make sure everyone was thanked.

Open house

Rather than give people set times to arrive I just had an open house between 11am – 3pm so people could come and go during that time.

Party bags

I forgot to give half my guests party bags so I had lots left over!! Pop them by the door so you can’t forget like I did!

Get a birthday candle for the cake!

I forgot this crucial prop. No – Jasmine can’t blow it out, but there needs to be a climax to the cake being paraded towards her. My failure to remember a candle resulted in my mother in law following behind the cake with a glade candle….oops.

Take pictures!!

I took a few but I was so busy I forgot to capture the moment for Jasmine with her little friends and all of the guests there. By the time I remembered Jasmine was a bit crabby.

So her ‘soirée’ was lovely! She’s very lucky to be so loved and I think we got away with it being so close to Christmas.

9 thoughts on “Holding a 1st birthday party? Tips and tricks!”

  1. That cake looks amazing! When our daughter was 3 I bought some gorgeous birthday decorations and I’ve been able to use them every since (she’s 11 in February) so I’ve had my monies worth!!

  2. This is too cute! I remember Miss 6’s first birthday party – she had a lovely dress and the WORST nappy rash I’ve seen to date. I’m talking bleeding. A massive #1 cake that was never going to be finished and i still have the dress she wore tucked away in the wardrobe #HoarderProblems LOL

  3. We have a 1st birthday for my little man coming up next month & we are thinking open house as it seemed to work well with my daughter’s previous birthdays. It means the house doesn’t get too full!

  4. Aww happy birthday jasmine! These are great tips, it can be so easy to get carried away and stressed out when planning kids birthday parties but when they are so little they don’t need much of a party at all. Great idea to save the present opening until all the guests had gone home xx

  5. Aww, it looks like Jasmine had an amazing first birthday party. I always stress out WAY too much when I throw a party for either of my two, so this year I’m thinking about hiring some entertainment so I can actually try to enjoy myself for once haha

    Louise x

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