Travelling abroad with a baby.

We decided to take Jasmine to Paris, more precisely Disneyland Paris. We booked it when she was a few weeks old, and we would be travelling on the Eurostar when she was just under 11 months old. When she was about 8 weeks old I decided to start the process of getting her a passport.

How do you get passport pictures of a baby?

I had no idea, I had visions of myself crouched down in the passport photo booth dangling a baby up to the camera, although she couldn’t lift her head at this point, so I couldn’t see that working out. I came across and it couldn’t have been easier. I took some pictures at home of Jasmine on a white blanket and uploaded them to the site they instantly told me if they were officially accepted or not, I then paid a few pound and they came very quickly in the post. The photo part was so easy – the form, less easy – but eventually her passport was here and she’s stuck with a picture of her asleep at 8 weeks old until she’s five – I laugh every time I look at it.


I knew we had a long journey from the depths of East anglia to London by train and the London to Paris on the Eurostar- just a few hours in a confined space, under the sea. What was I thinking…..

What to pack for the journey?

For the journey I packed the essentials nappies, wipes, change of clothes (Jasmine threw up 10 minutes before we arrived), teething gels, muslins, milk/water…. all that stuff you’d keep in a nappy bag. The best things for me were snacks, they kept her busy and she picked at a biscuit for almost an hour, I had puffs, fruit, biscuits – it was amazing how much time we filled!


Now, I know some people believe in the death penalty for mums who let their children watch the tablet but there’s only so much I-spy you can play under the sea. Tablets are a good way to play games, songs or watch 327 episodes of Peppa Pig all the way to France! I also packed some small toys, stacking cups and smaller toys she could put in them, she spent a lot of time putting things in and out of them. I also took a book in hand luggage – a sensory one she could play with.

What about the main luggage?

I always pack more than what I need for her. Not excessively, but I take plenty of clothes and allow for her to get them dirty and need a change. I always check with the hotel that there’s a travel cot in the room.

Here’s a list of my top things to pack.

Travel buggy – get one as lightweight as possible. Also if you’re going to sunny climes it’s worth getting a fan to clip on to buggy and a buggy umbrella to shade the sun.


Sheet for cot (they don’t always come with them)

Pyjamas – I always pack a couple of spares and put Jasmine in them for the journey home.

Sleeping bag – I took a thick tog and a lighter tog depending on the room temperature.

Foot oil – Jasmine always has shhleepies foot oil from Mummy loves organics it helps calm her and relax her before bed. Or you can pop a little behind their ears for the journey.

A night light.

Toys – for the hotel room too. As Jasmine was crawling but not walking she wanted to go back to the hotel to burn some energy. I packed some light toys for her to play with and she was happy doing this each day. (Although don’t forget to check under the bed at the end of the trip as she had posted a lot of them under there) These can be used for travel too.


Her My Hummy white noise toy and batteries- Jasmine needs this to sleep so it’s a given.

Tablet – really helps to keep them entertained for parts of the journey. Also the charger.

Medicines & thermometer – in case they fall poorly away have some calpol, nurophen and anything they use for teething.

Bubble bath and lotions Child’s Farm do a great travel sized set.


Baby carrier – much easier on your arms that carrying them.

Sun cream – if it’s hot


Snacks!! I took so many for the duration of the trip a great distraction and time filler for the journey.

Nappies, wipes, nappy bags and creams

Bottles Sippy cups for water/milk. I took a couple of extra ones to what I needed just to know I always had one. Jasmine is breastfeeding but we took some ready made formula just in case. If flying you can order ready made formula for the flight to pick up from the chemist once you get through security.

Bibs and spoons

Blankets (a thinner one and a thick one so you can judge which one to use) we used the thick one for her to sleep on top of traveling back.

Muslin cloths.

Weather appropriate accessories, sun hat, glasses, Coat, rain coat, mittens, woolly hat.

The most important thing to take with you is patience, make your journey ‘baby led’ and you’ll be fine. Give them lots of interesting things to do and it will fly by.

Do you have any tips of travelling with babies or small children, I’d love to hear them?

9 thoughts on “Travelling abroad with a baby.”

  1. We flew when our twins were 4 months old and it was one of the most stressful things we have ever done as a couple! We had a four year old too and we just did not have enough hands!

  2. With my son we used to travel a lot and he is a good traveller now, but with my twins we just didn’t do much, pick your battles and all that!! They aren’t so great at travelling now, so it does pay off later in life too

  3. We took both our boys abroad for the first time when they were around 5 months old, as we have family abroad. I remember the challenge of getting their passport photos!

  4. Wow I wish I had known about the passport site for my first! We had to hold her upright in the booth with one arm whilst not being in it ourselves, total nightmare. Took about 20 goes, cost a fortune lol x

  5. I never flew when mine were babies I just couldn’t cope with the stress, I did take a potty training toddler on a flight to France once… well that was fun! Great tips! I imagine you’d need to take everything but the kitchen sink with a little baby 😉

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